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North Port Community
United Church of Christ

If you judge people, you have no time to love them.
--Mother Teresa

installation Service of our new minister

The Public Installation Service of our new minister, Rev. Evan E. Farrar, was held on November 16, Sunday, 10:00 A.M., followed by a Welcoming Reception, at The North Port Community United Church Of Christ, 3450 South Biscayne Drive, North Port, FL 34287-0221, 941-426-5580.


North Port Community United Church Of Christ

“I believe our congregation is well positioned for a bright and exciting future.  I am delighted to be the first full-time, permanent minister that this church has had in 7 years.  We are positioned to grow in North Port, which is an exciting and vibrant community. Major emphasis will be on creating innovative ministries and programs to attract people of all ages to our worship and service Community: Create the Amistad Committee, to position our selves, to become more involved in the community and social justice concerns. This congregation is blessed with a very active, positive, and friendly people. This is a pivotal moment in the, soon to be, 35 year history of our Congregation. We seek to be a community church.  As a UCC congregation, we welcome people of all faith traditions.  We will strive to be a community, which celebrates God’s presence in our lives.  Part of that celebration involves being open to transformation so that we can better represent God’s spirit in the world. I believe in a collaborative style of ministry where we work together as a team. I do not like to place myself at the center of attention any more than necessary in the ministry.  I believe the church, as a community, should always come first.  And I am hoping we will be known as a church with creative and effective ministries. I am a big believer in a theology of grace which promises us the love of God, in spite of our flaws and struggles and restoration where needed,”

Family Background

He lives with his wife Laurie in Sarasota.  Laurie also has worked with the homeless, literacy program for low-income families in Chicago, and currently as the Special Events Coordinator of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in Sarasota.  Laurie also worked for three years as an Itinerant Volunteer with the United Church of Christ working with the homeless in Philadelphia, Back Bay Mission in Mississippi, and an AID’s Hospice in Seattle, WA.  Laurie gave The Children’s Message, continuing the story about Noah’s Ark, during the worship service, October 5, 2003.

Father, Lyman Farrar, is a retired United Church of Christ Minister, who is the Pastor Emeritus of Lakewood Congregational Church (UCC) in Ohio.  He filled our pulpit, Sept. 14, 2003, while Evan gave ‘The Charge’, at a friend’s New Presbyterian Minister Public Installation, in Chicago.

Mother, Betty Farrar, is a retired English Teacher; who most recently served as the Head Teacher of the Juvenile Detention Center, in Cleveland.  She is also a trained Bethel Bible Study Series Instructor.  Betty is leading this year’s class, October through December, covering The Old Testament, at NPCUCC.  She and her husband, Lyman, reside in Sarasota.

Sister, Helen, is a Counselor in Auburn, Alabama.

Brother, Mark, is also a minister in the United Church of Christ.

“My Mom and Dad’s commitment to the Ministry and service to others has deeply affected me and helped shape my life choices and the variety of experiences I’ve had in the Ministry.  My sister is one of the most special counselors in my life.  She is a deeply spiritual person who practices kindness and compassion in her work with people.  She will be preaching the sermon at my Installation (which is also a symbol of the value I place on lay people in the church setting), “said Evan.

We are very fortunate to have such a supportive, talented family, as well as a fine, young minister serving The North Port Community United Church of Christ and this Community of North Port.


Personal Background

Evan has worked on the national and local levels of the United Church of Christ.  The national level included working as the Program Associate for the East Asia and the Pacific Office of the United Church Board for World Ministries and the Division of Overseas Ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). He has had a wide range of ecumenical experiences.  Traveled extensively in South East Asia (Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Pakistan) working with partner Christian organizations, working on peace and justice issues. Rev. Farrar coordinated an international youth delegation of 13 young Christians from 11 different countries in 1992 to the United States sponsored by the UCC. Also, served as the Assistant Coordinator for Project Oikos through which young people from 4 different churches, representing 4 different nations (USA, Philippines, Germany, and Canada) spent a year together visiting the host countries of each church. He worked for the past 3 years as the Director of the Elam Davies Social Service Center at the Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago, which is one of the premier protestant churches in the United States with over 5700 members.  In this capacity, Evan directed one of the few Social Service Centers, on site in an urban church, in the US with a budget of over $200,000.  He coordinated a weekly dinner for over 125 homeless and low-income people.  Innovative changes included:  Providing weekly case management services, stronger housing support, elimination of the $1 fee previously charged for the weekly meal.  During his tenure, “we went from serving 100 people a week (in addition to the weekly community meal) to 300 people! “  Pastor worked directly with the homeless at Lincoln Park Community Shelter in Chicago.  In this position, he was the case manager for up to 40 men and women. He helped to design the Track Program, which helped participants out of homelessness.  “We established a reputation as one of the most effective homeless shelters in Chicago.  I think that the one key uniqueness of my ministry has been the past 7 years working with the homeless and low-income people because I was doing direct service, hands on work.” Rev. Farrar served local parishes in New York, Ohio, and Illinois. He is a graduate of Union Theological Seminary in New York City.  While in seminary, served as a Lyndon Baines Johnson Congressional Intern, in the office of Congresswoman Mary Rose Oakar (D-OH).  

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